On Friday, 21 January 2005 14:59, Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> I forgot this one. It is not an improvement though, rather a fix ;-)
> The scenery scan is done every time and is very long although it is
> threaded and doesn't prevent you to launch flightgear. Curt suggested to
> show all the content of apt.dat.gz and check the availability afterward. I
> am now thinking to check only against the first level of directories to see
> if they lie in an existing 10x10 chunk ( eventually with special case for
> the 2 1x1 chunks of the base package ). And rely more on the refresh button
> already present than a systematic scan.

Why not store the results of the scan and allow the user to rebuild the DB 
manually at a later stage?
New users will 99% of the time run FG without installing extra scenery so the 
initial DB build will be VERY quick.

Then when users add more scenery at a later stage they can build a new DB 

I wrote this functionality into an app I was busy coding before I got 
sidetracked with other projects.


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