Jim Wilson wrote:

This was an old issue.  Just the same, I followed up and found that there was
no problem building without jpeg-factory using the latest cvs (the 0.9.8
release should be the same).  You might try clearing simgear and it's header
files out of the installation directories,  then reinstall simgear (sans the
jpeg-factory) and then reconfiguring and rebuilding flightgear.  The
flightgear configure script checks for the presence of the header and library
file for jpeg-factory and reinstalling SimGear without jpeg-factory will
simply leave the old versions there.  I don't recall, but there may be a make
uninstall option in SimGear.

The problem is that when you have installed the jpeg-factory code once there will be a file called simgear/screen/tr.h in the include directory (most ofter /usr/local/include). The configure script tests for this file whether or not to include the jpeg-factory support in FlightGear.

Removing the tr.h file and running configure again should do the trick.


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