Andrew Midosn a écrit :

I've fixed one problem with the FGMetar constructor,
where the call to the parent class SGMetar was
incorrect, but now have another problem. In the
constructor the method getCAVOK() is called, although
it isn't defined anywhere in either FlightGear or
SimGear. Unfortunately I have no idea what this
function is supposed to do. I'll try defining it as a
bool in FGMetar that just returns True for the moment,
but that isn't really a solution.

getCAVOK is at line 208 of simgear/environment/metar.hxx

I would really like to sort this out and feel I am
contributing in a small way to the project, but I'm
not sure enough of what this code is trying to do.

You really have screwed your SimGear tree, if you think it is up to date.


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