Erik Hofman writes:
> Paul Surgeon wrote:
> > Can someone comment on how FLTK works under OpenGL?
> > 
> > Would it be possible to use FLTK and all it's nice widgets in FG and drop 
> > the 
> > rather crude PUI toolkit?
> To be honest, I did some small first steps in developing using fltk 
> recently and I didn't particularly like it (from a developers point of 
> view).

Nice thing about points of view is every one has one:-)

I actually appreciate FLTK's leaness and find it a joy to
work with in comparison to the do every thing nature of 
most of the other cross platform GUI kits.
> Also fltk works the other way around, you will have to design an fltk 
> program that displays OpenGL content.
> And third, I didn't think fltk allows one to display FlightGear in 
> full-screen mode, or does it?

Full screen mode is doable in FLTK

FWIW when I used to run FGFS inside of PPE the FGFS GUI still worked 
as well as the PPE's FLTK GUI  and when PPE was in fullscreenmode:you 
didn't even know it was running  :-)



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