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* William Earnest -- Sunday 23 January 2005 18:53:

After last evening's snow and today's wind, the METAR from KABE is a bit messed up, and the parser that extracts the conditions went wild and clobbered who-knows-what in the properties.

Sorry, but no. This is neither messed up, nor does it confuse the parser.
A completely normal METAR string.

If anyone wants to trace this and add some sanity checks, the METAR used seems to be this:
KABE 231651Z AUTO 33014G22KT 10SM M10/M17 A2986 RMK A02 SLPN0 T11001167 TSNO $
I pulled the above for KABE from ADDS while the mess was happening.

You can check this with the metar program that comes with fgfs. Either
run it with the station id:

  $ metar KABE

or feed the whole string to it. I did this to falsify your problem:

$ metar "KABE 231651Z AUTO 33014G22KT 10SM M10/M17 A2986 RMK A02 SLPN0 T11001167 TSNO $" METAR Report (automatically generated) ============ Airport-Id: KABE Report time: 2005/1/23 16:51 UTC Visibility: 16.1 km 10 US-miles Wind: from the NNW (330) at 25.9 km/h 14 kt = 16.1 mph = 7.2 m/s with gusts at 40.7 km/h 22 kt = 25.3 mph = 11.3 m/s Temperature: -10C 14F Dewpoint: -17C 1.4F Rel. Humidity: 56% Pressure: 1011 hPa 29.86 in. Hg

... and this is correct as far as I can see. The remark (RMK and everything after it) is mostly ignored now, only runway reports are scanned therein. This string doesn't contain a runway group.

The weather applet in Fedora 3 also complained about invalid and missing fields.

I don't miss anything. And I don't see anything invalid. Maybe RH/F3 is


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I agree with you, having dragged out my Instrument training manual and decoded it manually. The missing item was the sky condition field, but the weather applet in RH reported it as "invalid". Just a few minutes ago an update came out with sky conditions reported clear, and the startup of FG was normal. With no sky report, FG showed the default scattered condition. Still wonder why the missing field seemed to confuse the initial conditions, I tried it back and forth at least 5 times and the startup error followed the .fgfsrc edits.

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