Andy Ross said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > Here is my local config for the p51d yasim propeller.  Most of these
> > values are pretty much on target according to actual specifications.
> > The problem is that it "appears" to not produce sufficient thrust.
> I did actually get started on this at one point. :)
> The first problem I ran into is that getting a manual pitch propeller
> tuned is REALLY hard.  Because of the way the numbers work (pitch in
> YASim isn't an angle, it's a multiplier) it is very easy to move the
> propeller into a pitch range where the efficiency drops near zero.
> What I ultimately did was set the prop to have a standard variable
> pitch governor and hack a printf() into the YASim loop to tell me what
> settings the prop was actually using.
> Then, a few days later, my copy of the F-51D Mustang POH arrived.  It
> turns out that this model (which I assume was identical to the wartime
> P-51D -- they were surplus items, not new construction) in fact had a
> standard RPM governor for its prop speed lever -- not a manual pitch
> system at all.
> What is the source for defining the Mustang's prop control as
> manual-pitch?  If it's not needed, I can all but guarantee that solver
> tuning will be much easier without it.

I can't remember.  It isn't in any of the references listed in the xml file. 
Probably I asked someone how the prop speed lever worked and was told it was
for manual pitch control.

In any case, AFAIK the F-51D manual is identical to the P-51D.  Many P-51D
aircraft were sold to other countries and private concerns from surplus stock
after wwII.  The only change between the two is the designation (P's were
changed to F's in 1948) and therefore all existing P-51D aircraft instantly
became F-51D.  It is correct that AFAIK none were manufactured as F-51D. 
There were later (not sure of exactly when) models P-51H and P-51K.  The K
only had a different prop manufacturer.  The H may have been an even more
powerful aircraft,  but was obsolete in ways that made its production very

So, let's assume you got a good manual.  How does this RPM governor control
work?  And how can I implement that in YASim?



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