Jim Wilson wrote:
> If you look at that manual the diagram in Section I that shows
> the control box, indicates at #12 "Prop Control" (I've only got
> about 6 pages from that manual). That's the blue knob with the
> P on it in the model.  The control box indicates "Max RPM" with
> the blue knob all the way forward.
> What does the manual say about that control?

Here's the relevant section:


    The airplane is equipped with an 11-foot 2-inch diameter,
    four-bladed, constant-speed, Hamilton Standard Hydroatic
    propeller of the nonfeathering type.  A propeller governor
    mechanically controleld from teh cockpit admits engine oil to the
    propeller dome for pitch changes necessary to maintain a constant
    engine sped.  Engine oil pressure is used to aid th ecentrifugal
    twisting moment of the blades toward low pitch (increase rpm), an
    dboosted engine oil pressure through the governor moves the
    blades toward high pitch (decrease rpm).

    Propeller Control.

    A propeller control (12, figure 1-4) located on teh throttle
    quadrant, is mechanically linked to the governor.  The control
    setting determines the engine rpm, which is maintained constant
    by the propeller governor.  The propeller control may be
    positioned at INCREASE or DECREASE or to any intermediate

The range of RPM settings I see in the performance tables is
1600-3000, so those are probably reasonable numbers to use for
the min/max range.  I'm sure real planes would vary due to
calibration issues anyway.

The manual itself is one of those annoying secure PDFs from
www.eflightmanuals.com, and all I have handy is a printed copy.
I think I need to get another key for it, as I've since
reinstalled the windows machine I put it on originally.  I played
for a little while trying to figure out how to get it extracted,
but eventually gave up.


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