Quoting Martin Spott:

> Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> > But... The fact that Geoff tells that the file is read twice ring a little
> bell
> > in my mind. I think the issue was raised sometimes ago and could have
> unwanted
> > side effects I can't recollect for the moment.
> It makes sense - especially in the context of the claim, that
> $HOME/.fgfsrc on Unix a read more than once as well.
> See, as nice as the XML configuration system is, it _must_ bring such
> a 'feature' to the developer. In order to figure which command line
> paramters you are allowed to use you have first to determine $FG_ROOT.
> If $FG_ROOT is defined by the $HOME/.fgfsrc alias 'system.fgfsrc', then
> you have to red that file first, look for $FG_ROOT, read the necessary
> details and then reread the config file in order to figure which of the
> details is being triggered in the config.
> There's nothing abnormal with such a procedure. Well, it might be
> cleaner to create an array to store the parameters that you read from
> the config file and later do multiple reads on this array but the basic
> approach is the same,

I was not clear. Reading the file twice is not a problem. Loading an aircraft
twice might be.


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