Dave Martin wrote:

I'm working on a new aircraft model and have just come to putting some instruments in place.

I discovered a problem with the turn-coordinator which takes input from /instrumentation/turn-indicator/indicated-turn-rate

Unfortunately, as soon as FG starts, this value quickly drops to -2.500000 and holds there. (regardless of how you move the aircraft).

Has anyone got any ideas how I broke this?

The TC doesn't need to be an electrical system does it?


Dave Martin.

Note: I'm using a weekend CVS build and the TC works in the other aircraft.

I believe the default TC is designed to run off an electricly driven gyro ... so if you have no juice, the gyro will spin down (or never spin up) and you'll see symptoms like you describe. I would suggest dropping in the generic electrical system config to see if that takes care of the problem.


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