Martin Spott wrote:

> [...] And _if_ we realize
> that there are users having access to a workstation that is capable of
> running FlightGear (as the requirements for FlightGear have grown
> rapidly I assume you need at least an XVR-1000 board),

While I'm at it ....  I just read the following paragraph in a Sun
document and I'd like to understand how this might relate to

"High-performance model coordinate (MC) devices, such as the Sun
XVR-1200 graphics accelerator, typically implement vertex processing
and transformations in hardware. A model coordinate device may perform
lighting, coordinate transformations, clipping, and culling as well as
rasterization and fragment processing in hardware, thereby providing
very fast performance."

Can anyone tell how this compares to a typical 3D graphics card for the
PeeCee ? In case someone had one of this type of boards, would
FlightGear make use of these capabilities, and if not, why and could
this be changed ?

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