On 28/01/2005 at 00:00 Paul Surgeon wrote:

>On Thursday, 27 January 2005 20:47, David Luff wrote:
>> Note that the EGLL poly count is already
>> hitting my frame rate to begin with - at daytime it's about 60 with view
>> away from airport, 30 with view including airport.  Then 10 with the
>> lighting added.  The frame rate with lighting enabled at EGLL is
>> independent of anisotropic filtering, FSAA, or screen resolution - it's
>> pegged solidly at 10.  I guess it's either CPU or AGP bus limited - any
>> to try and find out / guess which? [AMD XP2000+, GF5900XT 128M, 4x AGP].
>Is this with or without enhanced runway lighting enabled?

This is with the standard runway lighting.

Cheers - Dave

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