> in real life.  Currently the lighting at EGLL or KSFO drops my frame rate
> from around 30 to about 10.  Based on a rough estimate of light numbers, I
> reckon that ditching the green taxiway centerlights might get back 3 - 4
> fps, not brilliant but a start.  Note that the EGLL poly count is already
> hitting my frame rate to begin with - at daytime it's about 60 with view
> away from airport, 30 with view including airport.  Then 10 with the
> lighting added.  The frame rate with lighting enabled at EGLL is completely
> independent of anisotropic filtering, FSAA, or screen resolution - it's
> pegged solidly at 10.  I guess it's either CPU or AGP bus limited - any way
> to try and find out / guess which? [AMD XP2000+, GF5900XT 128M, 4x AGP].

most probably CPU limited. I'm not sure, but maybe a profiler could give you
some useful information (if OpenGL symbols and call graph profiling are

Do you have any triangle counts for the particular scene? I assume
your system should be able to render >50 Mio. multi-textured triangles
per second.



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