On Friday 28 Jan 2005 01:34, Arnt Karlsen wrote:

> > Did Sun do anything wrong to you, did they steal your sandwitch ?
> ..no, they haven't done me any harm except as a member of the F/OSS
> world and except for funding TSCOG's scam lawsuit by "buying" a
> US$ 12 mill "license", forcing me to spend time at Groklaw to learn
> enough to save my own wee business, it's what funds my gasification
> work, without Groklaw, I probably would have had to liquidate my linux
> business, 2 years back, TSCOG etc was all over the media here.

Well, here's thanking you for having the backbone to look after your 

Its a shame that (the) Sun is slowly burning away. I just hope that not too 
many more *nix based business are going to go the same way. (I'm still trying 
to buy a good SGI 02 but I'm having no luck)

Dave Martin

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