Jon Stockill wrote:
Lee Elliott wrote:

I was hoping to generate some 2048x2048 maps, to improve the roads & railways and then intended to scale them down to a more usable size for use with Atlas.

I'm just waiting for a bunch of 4096x4096 maps to generate before I feed them to mogrify. 2048x2048 still had a lot of breaks in - 4096x4096 while it still has gaps gives more of an impression of them being continuous lines. I'll probably scale them down to 1024x1024 and 256x256 when they're finished.

I've just been having crazy ideas about using the objects database to do an obstructions overprint too :-)

not so crazy an idea, for you are giving me ideas.

The roads and rails do look much better, but at this resolution, the tile edges show up.

Ooops, filled up my hard drive partition...
These files are huge, 1-3Mb each at 2048x2048.
but only 10% of that size in JPG

Hey!, why can't Atlas read JPG files???
smoothed terrain would be an excellent place for JPG.


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