On Saturday 29 January 2005 17:31, Jon Stockill wrote:
> Lee Elliott wrote:
> > I was hoping to generate some 2048x2048 maps, to improve the
> > roads & railways and then intended to scale them down to a
> > more usable size for use with Atlas.
> I'm just waiting for a bunch of 4096x4096 maps to generate
> before I feed them to mogrify. 2048x2048 still had a lot of
> breaks in - 4096x4096 while it still has gaps gives more of an
> impression of them being continuous lines. I'll probably scale
> them down to 1024x1024 and 256x256 when they're finished.
> I've just been having crazy ideas about using the objects
> database to do an obstructions overprint too :-)

I've wondered about using the vmap(?) data to draw the lines etc 
using mogrify.  Never got any further than thinking about it 


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