* Mathias Fröhlich -- Friday 18 February 2005 17:09:
> That means for aircraft models where the 3d-model animates the gear 
> compression well (like Vivians seahawk for example), the gears exaclty follow 
> the slope of the ground.

The bo105 has no "carrier" support and doesn't animate the "gear compression",
but it still gains a lot through the ground awareness. Helicopters are much
more often landed in the landscape, where no flat and hozizontal concrete
area is available. Before the changes, the bo always ended up leveled, no
matter how steep the slope was. Now one has to be more careful. Only the
shadow is cheesy ... it remains horizontal.

Another great gain is that aircraft do now decelerate when they are taxiing
uphill, and accelerateg downhill. Would be nice if JSBSim supported that,
too.  ;-)


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