Erik Hofman wrote:
> Frederic once wrote a plib patch to add multitexturing by someone
> thought it was an ancient technology and everything should be done by
> shaders in the future. First I don't think we ;live in the future end
> secondly I don't think shaders will be fast enough to do _everything_
> using shaders.

There's no inherent magic to shaders.  Normal maps on terrain can be
lit at load time (or once every minute or so -- the sun doesn't move
that fast) and applied as a second stage multitexture or even as a
second pass to the terrain rendering.

The more interesting question is how we generate the normal maps.  It
could be done with a high frequency noice perturbation of the polygon
normals, or even generated from the original high resolution input
terrain data.

But I agree with Erik: we want to avoid specifying features as
"shader" stuff.  Shaders are the mechanism you use to render it.  As
always, the hard part is getting the data representation right.


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