On Thursday 03 March 2005 15:04, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> * Roberto Inzerillo -- Thursday 03 March 2005 14:10:
> > Of course Melchior, correcting this single case will not change any FGFS
> > performance at all and disk space is so cheap that the overhead of those
> > 37483 bytes costs around 0,00025 Euro Cents today.
> Yes. Disk space isn't expensive these days. But it's also about bandwidth.
> The files don't magically appear on your cheap harddisk.   ;-)
> To annoy you all even more. Here's the latest comparison: The directories
> Aircraft/, Models/, Scenery/, Textures/, and Textures.high/ once as they
> are in CVS, and once with all *.rgb, *.rgba, *.RGB optimized. Makes a
> difference of no less than 34.2 MB that we are wasting now with redundant
> information. This could be saved alone with better lossless compression,
> without changing the image information one bit.
> In the case of SGI files, you can't save anything with using less bits per
> pixel & layer, because the SGI image formats that supported this are
> declared obsolete, and neither plib, nor blender, nor gimp, etc. can work
> with them. Internally, plib always uses one byte per pixel and layer.
> m.

What about using the *.dds format to store textures?
It supports S3TC texture compression and a plugin for gimp can be found here:


Format spec.:

More Infos:

Yes, it is a format from Microsoft, but the necessary algorithms are from S3TC 
which are part of OpenGL today: 
It's in GL_ARB_texture_compression and GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc.

All what is necessary is an OpenGL driver with S3TC texture compression.

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 Oliver C.

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