On Thursday 06 January 2005 16:15, Jon Stockill wrote:

> Well if anyone wants to add a few objects to their scenery you
> may find these useful (files are under 250k each):
> http://flightgear.stockill.org.uk/testing/FGFS-Models-20050106
> http://flightgear.stockill.org.uk/testing/FGFS-Objects-Europe-
> The first should be unpacked in your FG_ROOT directory, and
> will add an extra subdirectory to the models directory, the
> second wherever you've downloaded your scenery to - you'll
> need to ensure you've got the scenery in the Terrain
> directory, this file will populate an Objects tree.
> Enjoy.

Hello Jon,

I was just wondering if you had done any updates/additions to 
your models.  I thought I'd seen a couple of messages where 
you'd corrected a couple of things, like the orientation of the 
Humber bridge but I haven't been able to find them.  I also 
noticed that a few objects seemed to be missing from the Models 
archive that I have e.g. tilburychimney.ac & 


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