James Turner wrote:

It is pretty much impossible for any recent Mac to use software rendering - even a G3 iBook has some kind of Radeon in it as standard. What this could be is something that caught me ought the first few times - FG is now taking an looong to startup on OS-X, something on the order of 90 seconds on my PowerBook G4 1GHz.

The first few times I assumed it had hung, but then I waited and it actually got as far as showing the splash screen.

I have spent some time doing some profiling and spot timing of startup, and unfortunately there are no really obviously bad things happening; there's just an awful lot of work to be done, much of it greedily, and it takes a while. If you run with the logging level put back up (as it used to be), you can see all the work that's going on.

I've committed a patch from Ima Sudonim against SimGear (sound) that should take care of this. I've had this patch in my inbox for some time, but I'm rather busy lately.


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