A friend of mine (the best I have) brought this to my attention:

The current Windows binary of FlightGear as present in the 0.9.8a
download package refuses to load aircraft with a dash in the filename.
This _might_ be an issue in general but I don't know if it acually is.
It is _definitely_ an issue with the A-10 in the reduced base package
of the 0.9.8a installer - as I was able to verify. After renaming the
"A-10cl-set.xml" file to "A10cl-set.xml" I was able to load the
aircraft without any trouble.

Which one should be the guideline on how to deal with this issue:
Should modelers avoid using dashes in filenames except the one in
"-set.xml" of should the Windws binary get enabled to handle these
names ?

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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