Jon Berndt wrote:
Yeah, I actually took a look at that. I have a handle on how to do the XML, I just don't have the expertise to make the actual sound files. The DC3 engine sounds are nice, but they don't quite have that throaty sound that you get from an 18 cyl radial. I found a few recordings, but they are low quality. I suppose I should write to the CAF in Midland and see if they have any recordings of Fifi. That would probably be the best starting point.


You could also try Aeromatic at the JSBSim web site:

For giving you a very quick start on a JSBSim flight model.


Yes, I actually have. In fact that's where I got the only working flight model that I have. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to get the engines to work right. I abandoned the idea of using JSBSim mostly though because I can't find any polar data on the superfort wing. I do have cross sections, but it' a lot of work for me to get a fluid dynamics program running to generate the data from the cross sections. I'm also missing some of the geometry info, like twist and hstab incidence. It just seems like the data that I do have is much more suited to YASim.


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