* darko -- Thursday 07 April 2005 10:26:
> >Asking for how to fix the compilation problems would have been a little
> >smarter, wouldn't it? Probably you don't have the glut headers installed.
> >
> No, they are installed in /usr/include/GL and also into the X11 
> includes.  Infact I have the problem only with that file. Bytheway, you 
> didn't answer to my question: which exact version of GLUT I need to 
> compile FG?

Yes. Did you read somewhere that I would answer all questions? If so,
this was a lie and you should complain to the author.  :-P

Anyway: I would use freeglut from here:  http://freeglut.sf.net/
This is (almost fully) compatible with glut. (The auto-key-repeat default
seems to differ, but that's no problem for fgfs, now that the Spitfire
changed the ignition code.)

I expect that your next posting contains some real error messages.
Otherwise I suggest to continue this thread on flightgear-users.


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