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> > Hello, 
> > 
> > I'm developing a massively multiplayer 

..http://openbirds.sourceforge.net/about.shtml mentions "Massively
multiplayer means that there is no 16, 64, or even 128 player limit. It
means that there's generally no limit. There also is only one server
that has all players in single game world. In commercial alternatives
there are a few hundred to few thousands players online."

..chk out our FG networking code, you can basically put "that one world
server" on all OB clients online.

> > flight- and generic vehicle sim, OpenBirds. For the last about six
> > months i've been making a component based physics engine based on
> > Open Dynamics Engine and my own aerodynamics code. Screenshots and
> > more information at:
> > 
> > <http://arcade.ton.tut.fi/tiedostot/flyflap3.png>
> > <http://arcade.ton.tut.fi/tiedostot/flyflap4.png>
> > <http://arcade.ton.tut.fi/tiedostot/flyflap5.png>
> ..I see AoA for both wings?  Can your FDM spin?
> Do you model downwash and wing tip vortices?  
> You model airframe flexing and breaking up?
> ..our 3 major FDM's: http://flightgear.org/features.html 
> Also chk http://flightgear.org/links.html and
> http://www.ae.uiuc.edu/sis/ and
> http://www.aae.uiuc.edu/m-selig/apasim/Aircraft-uiuc.html
> > <http://openbirds.sourceforge.net/>
> ..booooooooooo, no Twiki read access at
> http://arcade.ton.tut.fi/twiki/bin/viewauth 
> for "user TWikiGuest with password guest."
> > The Flyflap (the OpenBirds physics engine project) is going to 
> ...be able to run stand-alone like our JSBSim, too?
> > be finished next friday and i'll release sources and maybe even 
> > FC3 rpms. My problem is that current sound samples are ripped from 
> > X-Plane and i cannot release them to public in my sim.
> > Is it ok to use sound samples from FG in my sim?
> ..chk the license for each, it's all GPL compatible, but some guys
> here has been worried about GPL being too restrictive and has made use
> of  the LGPL and a few has even released a coupla things into the
> public domain (mostly interplatform network protocol stuff, AFAIR).
> > I'm also intrested if you know any good sources of aerodynamic
> > information such as Cl/Cd/Cm graphs for various airfoils and flap
> > settings. 
> ..plenty, search the back traffic here, http://jsbsim.org/ and FG's
> website for _related_ resources in both sites link sections.
> > All my code will be released as GPL and are available if you need 
> > something. Flyflap will be linux only,
> ..bah, face it, if any of it is any good, it's gonna be part of a few
> of FlightGear 8? FDM's, and on all FG platforms too.  ;o)
> > but OpenBirds should run on both platforms. 
> ..if you make use of FG bits in your thing, you should be able to run
> on as many platforms as FG.
> > OpenBirds makes heavy use of existing libraries such 
> > as OpenSceneGraph, SDL, ODE and OpenAL.
> > 
> > OpenBirds is going to be WW2 combat sim. 
> ..I never see combat sim's mention the 4 Geneva Conventions in their
> "Rules of Engagement", the Conventions are available in at least 135
> different languages and can be used to build language translation
> engines, combat game score calc engines and nice funding "to help 
> make and secure peace", and for real too; _Imagine_ what we could 
> do with 2 minutes worth of GWB's idiot war in Iraq.
> > As a glider pilot and rc hobbyist i'd like to include some general
> > aviation features that are  neglected in major sims such as thermal
> > and ridge soaring with full size sailplanes and rc gliders.
> ..welcome onboard.  ;o)

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt... ;o)
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
  Scenarios always come in sets of three: 
  best case, worst case, and just in case.

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