On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 02:43 +0200, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> ..I see AoA for both wings?  

Yep. The compnent based model means that i have a wing 
component that can be used in models. For example rudder 
and elevator are just instances of wing component with 
smaller size and located at back of the plane. All
components compute force caused by them and apply them
to the ODE bodies.

> Can your FDM spin?

Yes. The wing component is quite simple and calculates 
the force only at the center of the wing. In future i plan
to calculate force at wing root and tip and if they are different 
enough calculate more points recursively. 

> Do you model downwash and wing tip vortices?  

Not yet.

> You model airframe flexing and breaking up?

Flexing not yet, but it'll be easy to add because all components
can be joined together by ODE's joints. Breaking up is supported but
not used yet. If a component thinks it should break up, it can call 
its disconnect() method which disconnects the component (and its
subcomponents) from parent.

> ..booooooooooo, no Twiki read access at
> http://arcade.ton.tut.fi/twiki/bin/viewauth 
> for "user TWikiGuest with password guest."

Sorry. The wiki is anyway quite outdated currently and doesn't 
contain any Flyflap stuff yet.

> > The Flyflap (the OpenBirds physics engine project) is going to 
> ...be able to run stand-alone like our JSBSim, too?

Yes except that currently most components use OSG for visualization.
Also i think that it would be possible to encapsulate a stand-alone fdm 
in a component.

> ..chk the license for each, it's all GPL compatible, but some guys here
> has been worried about GPL being too restrictive and has made use of 
> the LGPL and a few has even released a coupla things into the public
> domain (mostly interplatform network protocol stuff, AFAIR).

Ok, sounds good. 

> ..welcome onboard.  ;o)

Thanks. I'm not a expert on aerodynamics or physics but someone's got 
to do it ;)

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