On Wednesday 20 April 2005 18:56, Lee Elliott wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 April 2005 15:39, Dave Culp wrote:
> > > >It only happens when the mouse is in "flight control
> > > > mode", indicated by the cursor having a crosshairs
> > > > shape.  If I first right-click to put the mouse into
> > > > "pointer mode", indicated by the standard arrow cursor,
> > > > then the screen capture has no effect on the fdm.
> > >
> > > Perhaps something relating to the screen capture is
> > > "reseting" the mouse position?  Sounds like you might be
> > > onto a subtle bug under these specific circumstances.  
> > > You could also turn on the HUD and instantly see what
> > > happens to the control positions.
> >
> > Yes, the controls slew very far.  I was able to recover the
> > airplane by finding a new neutral position and then
> > right-clicking three times to re-enter "flight control
> > mode".
> >
> > Dave
> Hmm...  (bearing in mind that I'm about a week or so behind
> current cvs) with the mouse in 'normal' mode i.e. using
> joystick control input, hitting F3 moves the mouse pointer to
> the center of the screen.
> However, when I put the mouse into control mode, deflect the
> flight control surfaces and then hit F3 the mouse pointer is
> not moved, the controls stay where they were and continue to
> respond correctly to subsequent mouse movements.
> I'm updating now and I'll try again after I've re-compiled.
> I tried all this with the a/c just sitting at the start-up
> position on the ground.
> The way that the mouse pointer is centered when in normal mode
> seemed sort of suggestive.
> What happens if you: start FG, display the hud, put the mouse
> into control mode, make a half deflection of the control
> surfaces, so that none of them hit their end-stops, and then
> hit F3?  Do the controls move back to their centered position
> or do they end up randomly placed?
> LeeE

Right!  Just updated my cvs, recompiled and when I now hit F3, 
even while the mouse is in control mode, the mouse pointer is 
re-centered on the screen.

I tried what I suggested just above and found that the controls 
were re-centered, along with the mouse pointer.

If you've moved the mouse around quite a bit before hitting F3 
then it's likely that you'll have hit the control limits at some 
point and then, when the pointer is re-centered, the controls 
will have an offset.


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