Drew wrote:

Thanks.  I can't make anything happen by setting draw-otw to 'false'
during run-time, though.  I've even tried hard-cding the draw_otw
variable to false in renderer.cxx.  The only way I can make it work is
to set it in preferences.xml, and then it's *always* false, so I have
no control over it.

I suppose I could set visibility to zero *and* set it to night time at
the same time, but that seems kind of hackish.

Also, it seems like I need to call
globals->get_subsystem("environment")->reinit() to make it foggy, and
fgInitTimeOffset() to make it dark. It seems like I need to call a
function every time I change a property in order to make it happen. Is this the way it's intended to work, or am I doing things the hard
way? Calling globals->get_render()->update() doesn't seem to do the
trick, though, for the "draw-otw" property.

Hmmm, I can fire up FG, and using the property browser change the value of /sim/rendering/draw-otw to "0" and I get the desired effect. I do see some odd occasional blips of runway ... that is very strange, but it mostly worked.


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