* Harald JOHNSEN -- Sunday 24 April 2005 16:09:
> - poping clouds when rotating view : I don't think I had this bug, will 
> recheck that, perhaps it depends on the location.
> - FPS droping from 40 to 10 and can't disable clouds 

I see that too. If I'm near the ground (up to 160 ft in KSFO) clouds are
always only shown in the middle of the screen. If I rotate the view direction,
clouds disappear as they are leaving the center, and new ones pop up in the
middle. If I climb over 160 ft, suddenly a lot of clouds pop up everywhere,
not just the middle, and then my frame rate drops down to unusable.

Also, the clouds are always moving in the UFO's speed. I can chase them, but
hardly catch them and fly through one. If the UFO stops, the clouds stop or
almost stop, too. If I fly backwards, the clouds do so, too.

> : try to set 0 in texture cache size to disable

In the dialog this field is completely empty. Neither 0 nor any other
number. (Even after Eriks MSDOS line endings patch.) Inserting 0 doesn't
change anything, neither on "Apply" nor on "Quit", just like all other
cloud parameters in this dialog do *nothing*, not even the "3D clouds"

> Never push the visibility of 3d clouds behind 30000 meters.

Given that the setters don't do anything here, I can say that this wasn't
the reason.  :-}

> Also try to set the texture cache to 1024k, that should give a lot of 
> impostors.

Well, changes don't work here.

> The default number of impostor is not right and that's why  
> you have a degradation of fps.

Could be. How do I change the number?

All in all, I'm still very happy about this contribution. As long as you are
willing to fix the remaining problems, I'm not worried at all. What I see
looks quite good.  :-)


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