* Alex Romosan -- Saturday 30 April 2005 00:43:
[JSBSim groundcache() patch]
> i strongly second committing the patches to cvs (and the fa-18, of
> course).

As far as I've understood: the former doesn't make sense at the moment,
and the latter is impossible.

1. JSBSim is not maintained in fgfs' cvs, but JSBSim's own cvs. It's only
   regularly copied over to our cvs, so the patch applied here would
   repeatedly get overwritten. And applying it in JSBSim cvs is currently
   not a good idea because JSBSim is in a partial rewrite (-> xml format).

2. the FA18 model is from an anonymous "contributor" from the net. Although
   Mathias beefed it up a lot, almost rewrote it, it's not GPL compatible
   as long the original creator hasn't given permission. And it's hard
   to ask him/her, because (s)he is ... anonymous. BTW: the great cockpit
   is all Mathias'.


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