> From: "Curtis L. Olson"
> Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> >The new 3D clouds are great!  However, on the ground, I noticed the clouds 
> >seem a bit grainy.  They are also darker than they should be.  On closer 
> >observation, I see this:
> >http://www.students.yorku.ca/~ampere/fgfs-screen-006.jpg
> >
> >Does anybody know I am seeing these artifacts?  Would my use of 16-bits 
> >depth 
> >be one of the contributions
> >  
> >
> Yes, the clouds look a lot nicer in 24 bit depth.  16bit depth only 
> gives you 4 bits each for RGB and A so you see a *lot* of banding with 
> alpha textures.
> They look a lot nicer in 24bit depth, there are some issues, but I 
> assume this is still a work in progress so I'll wait a bit longer before 
> I start complaining. 

It would be possible to improve that though by reducing the number of shades 
and doing appropriate dithering.



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