I've tried FG from CVS (05.05.05 haha...). Great work with the 3d-clouds.
But there are two things to mention:

If you bank your plane the clouds will move in the opposite direction as you 
to - They move  to the right or to the left depending whether you turn
left or right. (And I'am not talking about the movements through the
wind ;)). It is strange to discribe this - The easiest way would be you try
it your self :) - You'll immediatly recognize what I mean. - Just do some hard 
and fast turns. Also it looks like if they get zoomed in or zoomed out...

Second thing: please make a switch for both cloud types. Flying with plain
3d-clouds  looks truly great, but not really realistic if there are more than
one layer or even there is just one, but it should be overcast.


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