Le samedi 07 mai 2005 Ã 02:37 +0200, Tymoteusz "Puciek" Paul a Ãcrit :
> Well i know that, but let's look at cessna, when engines turned on,
> brakes on so it stay in place but turn controler (as whole plain)
> shake as he wan't to go but he can't (throttle set to 0)

OK: Every aircrafts move sightly more or less according to the mass and
the side area.
Throttle set to 0 does not mean no thrust. The RPM engine is about 700
and the pitch of the propeller is 22
The addition of forces (vibration thrust wind ....) makes the aircraft

If you can look at the content of the FGFS programme source, you will
discover complexe calculations some of them  are close to real
In spite of simplifications
It try to be close to the reality.


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