Erik Hofman wrote:

Gerard ROBIN wrote:

working with CVS MAY-08   -->2 o clock<--

When using -enable-real-weather-fetch, i get a non permanent presence
of the clouds.
once every disappear , once only one disappear, once every coming back. This, randomly during a very short period of time 3 ,4 second.
Sometime its quiet.

Flying during 10 min, over the se,a altitude 500.

Looking at the content of the data coming from metar: elevation 907 coverage few thickness 65

When the coverage is few or broken the cloud layer disappears when inside the layer. This behavior is rather new but is useful for training purposes. It should not be necessary to do it this way when the 3d clouds are good enough to replace the 2d cloud layers.

Yes, even with 3d clouds there was still the 2D code running for this effect. Also your version still have an hard coded 3d cloud layer (and the base of the two layers is not coherent).
I will commit in a day or two a version that handle the metar and the cloud dialog a bit better.

If i run again without real-weather everything is good. The clouds are nice and very fluid.

The option --disable-clouds3  has no effect. We still continu loading on
3D clouds.

That's because we now have two(!) pieces of code for generating 3d clouds, this option is only for the old cloud code. You should be able to disable them by adding the following:



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They won't be enabled by default in my next release because I am now generating different type of layers and - ahem - it's far from perfect ;)


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