Sorry, I normally wouldn't send corrections on my message but I made some lazy typos that make my message more confusing than it should have been. Let me try again ...

Using static or dynamic libs really doesn't make that much difference when recompiling FlightGear. It is your "installation procedure" that makes all the difference. If you do a make install at the top level of simgear (dynamic or static) you are going to reinstall and touch all the simgear header files which will trigger a nearly full recompile of FG. The symbolic link trick someone mentioned earlier is probably the most convenient way to mimize FG recompiles, but is a little non-standard, it may offend some sys-admin sensibilities. :-) Often I just watch which bits are changed in simgear, and only do a make install in those subdirectories. That saves a lot of compiling on the FG side. Also, if you know the headers haven't changed, you can just copy over the .a files to your install location and do a quick relink of FG. (And I should point out that the relink can be quick on the right platform, and can be really slow on other platforms ...) :-)


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