> From: Karsten Krispin
> Hi
> just a small question: is it hard to include simgear as shared libs?
> When you want to change something in simgear you have to recompile fgfs. that 
> needs pretty too long.
> Or is there a trick?

Rebuilding modules in fgfs only happens when the timestamps on the header files 
in SimGear change.  That's actually a good thing and isn't fixed one way or the 
other by building SimGear so.  Well...I guess the only difference is you have 
to delete fgfs to get it to relink for you.  The make install does a "copy" of 
thoese headers which means new timestamps even if they haven't changed.   So if 
you avoid doing that by whatever method you'll be fine.

Generally if I know there hasn't been an api change I'll just use a copy 
command that only copies updated libraries to the lib directory.   Then I 
delete the fgfs executable and relink it.

I think the real issue is that SimGear shouldn't be installed anywhere ever,  
because it isn't a shared library (and doesn't need to be).   It seems like it 
should be possible to fix the fgfs build setup so that it just links libraries 
right from the SimGear build directory.



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