Sam Heyman wrote:

How do you find the centre point for FG? I have positioned the
aircraft at the centre of AC3D and have scaled it to the right size.
In the preview the model is displayed and is centred, but when I
launch the flight the model is miles away! and rotates around the FG
centre point.

The FDM config file will define a center reference point. This needs to agree with the 3d model's (0,0,0) point for the chase views to look correct. Usually you can trick the viewer into moving the visual center point with offset tags in the aircraft-set.xml file, but if you are miles off, you might consider centering you 3d model at (0,0,0) which is probably good practice anyway to minimize floating point resolution problems. (Floating point numbers have the greatest precision near 0.0000 and as the numbers get bigger in magnitude you start to lose resolution to the right of the decimal point.)



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