Ben Morrison wrote:
> I will be working on adding the AC130-H to flightgear but I haven't 
> worked with the aircraft models yet and only have a small grasp on how 
> it works.  I was wondering has anyone else worked with a similar 

To be clear, are you talking about a 3d model or about a flight dynamics 
model (which describes how the aircraft should handle)?

In case of the latter, there is already a (beta) C130 configuration file 
for JSBSim available:


Sorry, I already have a fdm and I will be doing a 3d model.


Sorry, I am not being very clear.  When I asked for a good example to start
with, I meant which aircraft is the most complete.  For example, which has
sounds, panels, landing gear and flap animations, etc.  For the 3d model I
think I will try to convert a model made for Microsoft's Flight Simulator.  


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