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Sorry, I am not being very clear. When I asked for a good example to start
with, I meant which aircraft is the most complete. For example, which has
sounds, panels, landing gear and flap animations, etc. For the 3d model I
think I will try to convert a model made for Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

I'm not sure there is any single aircraft that has fully exploited all the facilities FlightGear provides. Lee Elliott's aircraft seem to be especially nice in terms of the external 3d model and surface/gear animation. Some of his gear retraction/compression animations are simply outstanding and amazing. Other people have done some really great 3d cockpits ... the P51 was one of the first examples, there is also the spitfire and hunter. The standard C172 has a pretty complete electrical system modeled ... down to the individual buses and circuit breakers which are all fully functional in the sense that you can pop a circuit breaker and everything down stream will go dark. Some aircraft have really well tuned flight dynamics models such as the pa28-161. The 3d model is fine, but nothing too fancy, and the 3d cockpit is not yet finished (i.e. no radio stack.) The piper cub might be a nice example to start with. It's pretty simple all around, but has animated control surfaces, a 3d cockpit, and all the other basic components. It can be a *lot* of work to fully model all aspects of an aircraft, occasionally developers have teamed up to each work on their area of expertise and build a better aircraft than any of them could have done individually.



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