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"disused" airfields,

OK, this would then not be the same as an airport that no longer
exists? I would think some people would have a problem with having
these added to the scenery.

Airfields which still exist but are now disused can be submitted to
Robin - there's some of those already. OTOH I'm not sure if TerraGear
currently builds them or not. Airfields that don't physically exist
anymore might be more problematic - I don't think he'd want to include
those! It's not *that* hard to rebuild a few tiles of custom scenery
oneself though.

..treat these fields the same way we treat the WTC Twin Towers, "axe'em down on 9/11/2001."

Hmmm, I sure any insenstivity here was not intentional, but occasionally it doesn't hurt to think before you speak. There have been many far worse tragedies before 9/11 and after. Earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, approximately 8000 people die each day from aids related illnesses ... But still, 3000 innocent people died on that day. I have some close up pictures of people falling from the building after they've jumped. I have a picture of scores of people hanging out the windows from above the impact area, smoke rising around them, desperately searching for help that would never come. These pictures were never published in the media that I'm aware of because they were "too graphic," but I think perhaps they should have been so people would have a better idea of the magnitude of just what happened. This had and has a great affect on a great many people. My wife went and volunteered to help the firefighters and construction workers who put their lives on hold for many months during the recovery effort. Someone there gave her a small container of sand from the site that still smelled of jet fuel. I don't really care personally about the twin towers themselves ... there were just two big buildings, but the event and the people that died there need to be treated with the *utmost* respect.



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