Wow! Amazing! You made it definitely worth getting up early today! I'll give it 
a try. Where exactly is this in the code please?  I think that you said 
originally that you were doing it in perl? Is that still the case? 

I'm wondering if FG could be started with a parameter --destination 
airport=KJFK that would put up a billboarding rectangle [ TO 
<destination-airport] in the approximate direction. Do you think that this 
would be a reasonable or useful thing to have? Once of course the user is close 
enough for the real sign to kick in, the --destination-airport sign would be 
dropped, of course. You wouldn't want TWO signs, I guess.

How complicated would it be to put signs above individual pieces of scenery -- 
yes, all those look alike (to me at least) bridges around san francisco)? If 
one had, say, GPS coordinates for certain places, could these coordinates with 
a name be placed in the scenery? Should this go in a special directory, say 
'namedlocations' or should it just be mixed in with the original scenery?

I'm thinking labeling Times Square next time I'm in NYC to get the coordinates 
Maybe my favorite restaurant, too 8-)

I'll find your feature invaluable. Once or twice -- ok, rather often -- 8-) 
I've landed in FG not at the airport I intended to but at neighboring airport. 
I am perpetually clueless most of the time... from 2,000 ft, airports all look 
alike to me.

Thank you again and thanks to everyone whose responded on this thread...


Melchior wrote:

* Melchior FRANZ -- Sunday 15 May 2005 02:12:
> BTW: my script is functional again, and shows the balloons over airports.
> Now I'll make the billboarding rectangles, and finally create text textures
> (dynamically generated by e.g. ImageMagick, and maybe cached)

OK. Here's one first real-time rendered "city" sign. (I've filled the database
with airports for now.) I've one of these signs hovering over "every" airport
(well, actlually only over the nearest 5, which is good enough):  [35 kB]


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