Don't know if it runs on WinDos, or even on all Unices. But it works for
me and is a nice toy:  [470 kB]

Unpack to $FG_ROOT. It creates $FG_ROOT/Local/sign/cache/ and a few
files, and requires that these dirs are writable! I would have liked to
stay away from $FG_ROOT, but textures can only be loaded from there. 

The archive is so big, because it contains a database file with all
airports that we have in $FG_ROOT/Airport/apt.dat.gz, plus some bridges.
There's one script "signs" in the archive, that you can run like fgfs,
for example:

  $ signs --aircraft=ufo --airport=KLAX

This renders texture files into the cache/ directory and places objects
using these textures at the appropriate places. airports ->  green,
bridges -> red (only the four modeled bay area bridges). There are
animation files where you can adjust the distance-scale coefficients, if
you want the signs bigger at greater distances. (Scaling up also moves
the signs higher. This is a feature, but would be easy to turn off.)

Unfortunately, as the signs are normal objects, they pale quickly at
greater distances and become invisible at night (although they are
emissive, which is why there are no black signs any more.)


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