Le mardi 17 mai 2005 Ã 10:28 +1000, mostyn.gale a Ãcrit :
> *******
> Gerard:
> I could never animate mdl, 
>    BUT you can try to translate your model.mdl   to model.ac .dxf ...
> with threedconvert which is in your
>            source/util/Modeller   directory
> I use threedconvert to convert 
> from mdl format to ac format or dxf format.
> *******
> Thanks for your reply.  I can't find threedconvert in the util/Modeller 
> directory.  is it in the 0.9.8 release?  
> Perhaps I could model these parts as submodels.
  OK-- may be, you have an executable FG yet compiled (you are working
on Windows..) and in that case, I am not sure that you have that program
 may be an other --windows user-- could say. 
 I am talking of  FG source. Doing  a compilation of it, i get fgfs and
others utilities. 
 threedconvert exist in every version of FG. Compiled by FG It is
directly coming from the Plib library.
Under windows it was existing an other application which use Plib and
convert mdl. sorry I dont remember the name.

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