But again: it is unlikely that this  model will be maintained in the
future.  The standard FlightGear 172 is  a JSBSim model, and it works
quite well.  If there is something specific  you need from the Skyhawk
model, you might best be served by modifying the  JSBSim one.  And if
you want a YASim lightplane, definitely check out  the pa28-161.  This
is very well tuned (by David Megginson, who actually  owns such a
Cherokee) and works great.



At your  suggestion, I spent this AM looking at the Cherokee / Warrior and 
agree it's as  realistic as needed.  My problem arises in the radio/nav stack 
where the  individual VOR's cannot be set independently like in the c172, ie: 
the headings  on each OBS are always the same.   I'm looking into an 
instructor's  aide for IFR approaches and would like to define an approach path 
intersection  with the second vor-radial, easy to do with the c-172.  To add to 
confusion, I'm using the energy markers in the HUD to define inputs to the  
student and the Yasim FDM seems to support more HUD components than the JBS  
FDM... although I haven't spent too much time in the hud_ladr.cxx to find the  


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