> From: Andy Ross 
> I wrote:
> > at sea level the wastegate setting*
> Sorry, forgot to write this note to go with that asterix:
> * Superchargers don't have wastegates, of course.  Instead, their
>   behavior is generally an altitude-independent mapping of RPM to
>   manifold pressure added to ambient.  But the wastegate setting is a
>   relatively sane way to get the same effect.

Yes that makes sense,  and actually this is what I remember from the original 
setup I did on that aircraft.   But somehow I don't think it worked in terms of 
correctly approximating low end performance.  We can try though with a 0.4 or 
whatever BOOST multiplier.

The thing I'm wondering though is if the wastegate is working,  why was the 
output 164 inHG at full throttle?  It seems as though this used to work.  Are 
the wastegate units inches of mercury?



P.S.  Any chance someone good with nasal could write me a quick script for 
changing the BOOST value to 1.0 at 20,000FT ASL and then back to 0.4 at 
19,999.99FT?  I'd try and figure it out, but my time is very limited right now. 

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