Lee Elliott wrote:

I'm having a strange problem that may be linked to this.

Now when I start at KSFO, looking forward, I'm getting < 1fps. Same with the heli & chase views. If I switch to the tower it's the same until I start zooming in. At around 15 deg fov the frame rate jumps up to around 25-30 fps. Switch back to the chase view and it's back down to < 1 fps.

Incidentally, the a/c I'm checking with has slowly revolving props so I can see the changes in frame rate very clearly.

Anyway, back to the chase view and rotate the view around using shift and the num-pad. Shift-9 is fine - > 20 fps, shift-6 < 1 fps, shift-3 > 20 fps. From 2 through to 8 are all < 1 fps.

Try KJFK. Here only one view gives problems (can't remember exactly which one now though). It's also apparent while using the mouse to change the view.

Back to KSFO, tower view and try a take off - > 20 fps. Try chase view and < 1 fps until just after the last of the white blocks on the runway (sorry, don't know their proper name) when it jumps to > 20 fps.

It'll also happen while I'm flying - I flew out over downtown SFO and was heading back to KSFO at > 20 fps but then it dropped back down to < 1fps.

I'm guessing that it's due to a scenery or random object problem, as it also happened at KJFK where there're no custom scenery objects, but I can't identify what it can be.

Any ideas anyone?  FG is pretty unusable for me atm.

FWIW, glxgears gives > 3900 fps here.


I get this problem also with any of the Nvidia Linux 7xxx drivers. Other programs like torcs still run fine, only fgfs seems to be affected.

I used to get 30 to 40 fps at KSFO. If I look down at the cockpit (still at KSFO) or up at the sky or I look to the right more than about 15 degrees or to the left at about 90 degrees it runs at normal speed. Look straight ahead and I get about 1 frame every five seconds. Same result at KEMT.

Have looked through the nvidia forums but haven't seen anyone complain of problems like this.


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