Hi Andy,

Thanks for looking into this. I had started working on a patch, but didn't 
have a chance to finish it. (See "AI weirdness thread earlier this month). I 
do have a limited number parking and rwyuse files, so I'll test it tonight.

As for the parking/runway files: I've started adding some ground network node 
editing support to Taxidraw, so once that works, people should be able to 
start decorating their favorite airport Real Soon Now (TM). 


On Thursday 26 May 2005 22:48, Andy Ross wrote:
> Attached is a patch that pre-reads the directory contents ahead of
> time (currently that is a list of length zero) to avoid having to hit
> the kernel (twice!) for every airport.
> Under Linux, this doesn't provide much speedup.  But Windows (and
> especially the cygwin libraries) has a somewhat less robust I/O system
> in the face of many tiny operations.  Hopefully it will help there.
> Can someone on each of cygwin, mingw and/or MSVC try this out and see
> if it helps?
> Unfortunately, because there is no actual parking/runway AI data in
> the base package, much of this is currently "dead code" that cannot be
> tested.  I can't promise I didn't break anything, because I have no
> way of knowing whether it worked in the first place. :)
> Andy

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