> directly.  We aren't trying to eventually replace JSBsim with a
> proprietary flight dynamics model here so please, I don't want anyone to
> worry. :-)  <cough>Jon</cough> :-)  My main goal for attending this show
> was to show the flexibility and adaptability of FlightGear as an
> engineering and rapid prototyping tool.  I think FlightGear will have a
> big future in that area.

At $1900 for a commercial license for Matlab (only Matlab - not simulink) it's 
no surprise
that some are bypassing Matlab. It's obviously a great tool with a 
history, but there are some alternatives in the Open Source world 
(SciLab/SciCos, IIRC).
Also, I'm working on JSBSim Commander, which will make using JSBSim with flight 
development a little more fun, if not useful and practical for broader uses.

I think it's great that FlightGear is getting so much attention from commercial
partnerships. It helps/benefits us all.  JSBSim has lately been adding 2 or 3 
people per
week to the mailing list, so that's encouraging. The newsletter also publishes 
the new and
innovative ways that JSBSim is being used in industry.

There's a place for everyone ...


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