> From: Dave Culp
> Thanks Curt and Phil.  After looking around in the view manager and trying 
> many different combinations of XML settings, I finally took the easy way out 
> and changed the airborne clip plane distance in renderer.cxx  to 0.5, rather 
> than 10.  That solves my problem, but don't know if anyone else would like 
> that move 

The issue would only be related to the width of the Z buffer.  I was running a 
Voodoo card at the time I set up this feature where the depth buffer was 
cleared and reset between the scenery and the cockpit rendering.  This may 
still be an issue for some current hardware configurations.  You'd have to do 
the math to see what the functional "far plane" limitation is at 0.5m in order 
to anticipate what will and will not work.   Visually, the problem will appear 
as oddities on the horizon due to depth test errors.



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