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I'm still a a little confused by all of this also... you can apparently use Blender with an .ac3d plugin... but some people talk about using gmax. Is there a link out there for a page (other than the FG 3D model doc page!) for the best open source way to create a model? If someone would point me in the right direction, I would be happy to create a how-to page as I work on my own models. I am kind of stuck at the starting gate, I'm afraid. All I can do so far is to repaint the existing models or work with welded control-surface existing models

I dont know exactly what you want but as far as i am aware Blender is the only open source 3D modelling program that will create .ac files.As far as I am aware Gmax files can't be converted to run on FG.All other MSFS aircraft files can be converted to a greater or lesser degree.I have the AC3D program and it is worth every dollar I have paid for it and the easiest of the 3D modelling programs I have used.FG can support Gmax's big brother 3DS max,see the A380 for a combination
of 3DS max and .ac models,.



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