* Sam Heyman -- Friday 03 June 2005 00:30:
> I have downloaded Blender 2.37 for Windows XP and it seems to work, 
> although I do get the message "No Python Installed" in the command window.

Well, then install Python? Exporting to AC3D format *requires* Python.

> The problem is I can't open my aircraft.ac file.

Importing *.ac requires Python, too.  :-)  And even with Python installed,
you can't just "Open" it. You need to "Import" it (different menu entry).

> It says that it can't  
> open the texture file (fokker100.rgb), which I borrowed from the fokker 100.

It certainly can read fokker100.rgb. But if you have edited it and saved
it again, it's probably not a valid SGI image any more. See my other post.

> Does anyone know why this is happening? Can one create a new texture 
> using Blender?

Yes. You can draw to an applied texture directly on the 3D object and save
that. You won't get a pretty texture from that, but a useful draft that you
improve in gimp etc. Also, you can export textures with outlines of the
unwrapped, flattened faces. Which again requires Python. You just need
to fill that with color. 


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